99.99continuing @ The Distillery Gallery

On display at the Distillery Gallery in South Boston from April 17-May 31, the
exhibition entitled 99.99, featuring the works of Charlie Crowell, Garrett Gould,

Gordon Holden, Molly Landman, Tyler Murphy, Alicia Riccio and Sena Wataya,

playfully explores the art object in the absence of Art’s mythical piety.


Initially assembled and inspired by the essay Frivolity and Unction by the art critic Dave Hickey, the works featured in the exhibition build from and respond to Hickey’s idea of Art as a more or less frivolous human act.  Hickey builds his claim from the idea that Art, as a cultural movement, assumes a sense of “inherent goodness” through coded aesthetics, that other expressions of creative media do not so fallaciously assume.  Do pop music and prime time TV strive toward the same sense of cultural significance as Art?  Does a fellow frivolous act like sport aim to contextualize and articulate the human spirit as Art might? Hickey argues no.  So where is the shame in letting Art become art?

            This group of seven presents a body of work that espouses the perfectly ineffectual poetry of art and humbly re-presents the pataphysical objects of creative labors as just that.  Together, they incite the imaginary and leisurely walk toward the asymptotic horizon of understanding through Art, while taking the time to stop and smell the roses.  “We wont find sense by cutting deep into something, though I suppose we might actually release it.”