"Heavens dear, have you ever felt so quantum?
To be so omnipresent as if to have never existed at all?
To believe... no.. to know in your bones that this little square of nowhere is all that there ever was and all that there ever will be?"

Her lips closed, holding a hymn of a thought close cautiously, 'til reopening:
"There is something in that house. That moment-of-a-place, which ties us both to all others; all other houses and all other moments. When we are there, I can feel it. Can't you? It's both instant and infinite."
A thick silence befell the two like sugar settling to the bottom of Persephone's teacup.
"Oh forgive me, this is terrible talk over coffee."
Still listening, now faintly, he blushed and thought of her body.


Interstitial Real Estate (2015)
This recent body of work seeks to describe the moments and places 'in-between'; the metaphysical and pataphysical interstitial spaces of our interior lives.
These bastions of private thought, lost memory and cloistered emotion become both non-sites and omni-settings of our daily being. The objects which decorate and demarcate these interstitial spaces become totems or cairns to the emotional vortexes they are produced by.

A Quantum Cry (2014 - 2015)
"If sensation were as a landscape, what of that world would become peaks and valleys? What is the sensation that is our native soil? What does time look like and how does it shape this landscape?
It's not so much a spectrum as it is a spatial survey; our selves in relation to our sensational ecosystem. Emotional topographies"

Selected Sculpture (2012 - 2014)
Selected sculptural works featured in group exhibitions.

Untitled Drawing Series (2012 - 2014)
the 'Untitled' Drawing Series is a collection of approximately 40 drawings, collages, photographs and found object assemblages

selections from my sketchbooks as well as miscellaneous other drawings